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Spring & Summer

BOATING; With a free boat launch, and ninety miles of fresh water, Howley is a watercraft friendly community. Maybe a day of water skiing, or just let your boat guide you to one of the many beautiful water falls, located around the edge of the lake.See Pictures >>

SWIMMING; No Sharks here! Jump in with both feet! No worries, just fun, sun, and friends. Your only worry is to ensure you brought sunscreen. There are many popular swimming areas in and around Howley. Claim your spot this summer at the beach or another great place in Howley. See Pictures >>

FISHING; From Rainbow Trout to Landlocked Salmon that "Big Catch" you have been telling everyone about, you know, the one that "Got Away" Well there won't be any need for excuses here! When it comes to spending your day with two friends (the old fishing rod and reel) there is no better place than Howley. This community is one of the most talked about towns on the west coast of Newfoundland. When visiting Howley to try your luck with the fish stop at Howley Shopping Center for all your fishing supplies. See Pictures >>

CAMPING; Grab your family and friends, now hit the highway to Howley. With great company, you will be sure to have a great time. The Howley Tourist Lodge and RV Park has everything your looking for, including rooms, and two bedroom kitchen units. There is also a lounge and takeout located just a few steps away. Enjoy a campfire, a few drinks, maybe a dance, or just time away from work, while camping in Howley. See Pictures >>

BERRY PICKING; Berries, Berries, and more berries! There are Partridge berries, blue berries, raspberries, bake apple berries and plenty of them.. People flock here for the berries all summer, and occasionally can stop at Trapper's Lounge to hear a sunday matinee. Berries can be found near camp sites and cabins. It's as easy as waking up and picking a few to mix into the morning pancakes. Doesn't get any better then that! See Pictures >>

QUADING; Starting in Howley you can go east on the once active railway track to Kitty's Brook, the Gaff Topsils or even further to an old railway settlement known as Miller Town Junction. Perhaps even continue on to Badger or Grand Falls, two larger communities of Newfoundland.
Did you travel east the last time you visited Howley? Well lets go west this time, leaving Howley you'll pass over an antique of the community know as the "Trussel" or "Lift Bridge," followed by white sandy beaches for numerous miles. Next is the "Main Dam." a great place to stop and have a rest as you are now half way to Deer Lake. Deer Lake is a larger center, and the trail brings you parallel to main street with pubs, bars and restaurants.
If the back roads and wilderness are calling your name, then head south of Howley into the hills. Miles of abandoned roads can lead you to many majestic animals, scenery and the other outdoor enthusiasts. If you see me, be sure to wave!
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Autumn & Winter

HUNTING; Moose hunting at it's best, and there is a reason for that. The first four moose to be introduced into Newfoundland was in Howley over a hundred years ago. You can read about that on the history page.
There have been travelers from across the globe that take there pick of the big moose just outside Howley's limits every year. They quickly become the talk of the town, a trophy moose or woodland cariboo will do it every time. Don't take my word for it, stay a few nights at the Howley Tourist Lodge where I'm sure locals can tell you there little secret hunting place. Black Bear hunting is another option available to area hunters.
After the hunt is over relax at Trapper's Lounge right next door as I'm sure the gang will be interested in how you out smarted the animal. There are plenty of small game as well, partridge, rabbit, grouse, even coyote.
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SKI-DOOING; Love the Winter Fun? We have it all, groomed trails or miles and miles of back country. Jump on your machine and follow the miles of groomed trail stopping here and there to see an animal, perhaps a picture or even a good old Newfie boil-up. Making a small fire, boiling some snow for tea or coffee and maybe a hot dog or slice of bologna. Not your cup of tea? Then head on in to Trapper's Lounge and Take out for some home cooking and a drink to warm you up. See Pictures >>

SNOW SHOEING or SKIING;Winter really is wonderland in Howley, with record snow falls and places to go. Take the kids snow shoeing into the woods, creating great family time all awhile looking for wildlife. Rather a set of ski's to keep you fit and having fun; jump on a set and go for a run on the miles of what once was railway tracks. See Pictures >>

SKATING or ICE HOCKEY; Head down to one of the many ponds in Howley, scrape the snow from the ice and I'm sure it won't be long before someone joins you with a shovel to help, their ice skates waiting near by. When you've finished the introductions and clearing of the ice, it's time to lace up the skates and have some fun. It may be an hour of skating around meeting new faces or people showing up for a game of hockey. Without a doubt it will be a time you can remember with friends you soon won't forget. See Pictures >>

ICE FISHING;Fishing is something that can be enjoyed by most anyone, from the kids first catch to that day on the ice with friends, fishing poles, and a little fire to keep warm. Another great way to enjoy the outdoors and possibly gain the bragging rights of the best catch. See Pictures >>

NEW YEARS EVE DANCE; An event that is sure to entertain, small town party equals big time fun. Most of the local characters are in attendance to make it a night to remember. Extend your hand with a little hello and you could be speaking to a future friend or an old acquaintance waiting to catch up on old times. Share a drink and meet there kin, you'll probably be back to visit again.

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